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Tim Gonsalves

is a certified laser technician and graduate of the International Laser Academy working out of Ink Free Tattoo Removal in Portsmouth New Hampshire. Tim, with Ink Free, provides one of the safest and most effective tattoo removal service in New Hampshire. Operating the Astanza Duality and Astanza Eternity Lasers, Tim will deliver the most efficient treatments possible. He is committed to developing the most precise treatment plan to remove or lighten your unwanted tattoo. Consultations are free, please click here to book yours today!



Why Choose Tim Gonsalves?

The difference between working with Tim Gonsalves and many other laser clinics is that Tim has worked in a well established tattoo shop for years. In 2011 Tim slowly took on responsibilities as an assistant to tattooer Nick Filth. The training that was required was not only in becoming versed in the sanitation and sterilization aspect of tattooing, but also to become familiar with the entire process of the tattoo; how it is applied, what inks are used, and most importantly the healing process. Tim has gained a deep respect for tattooing, not only for the craft; but for the art. Tim was eventually brought on as a shop assistant when Nick Filth opened his shop Hidden History Tattoo in Dover, New Hampshire. During this time Tim has developed lasting relationships with the shop's clientele and has become an integral part of the tattoo process for many people. Lasering is just another facet in which he will utilize his skills to help the growing tattoo community.




Do you have a tattoo that you wish you could simply erase? You’re not alone – over 50 million Americans have tattoos, and up to half of them wish they could remove or alter their ink.

Lasers are the best solution if you’re looking to remove your tattoo. Nothing else can penetrate deep enough to destroy tattoo ink while maintaining the natural appearance of your skin.

Did you know that your body’s immune system is constantly trying to remove the particles in your tattoo because they are a foreign substance trapped in your skin? That is one of the reasons why tattoos that are several decades old appear so faded compared to fresh tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal accelerates the fading of a tattoo by shattering the tattoo ink particles into small pieces that are more easily eliminated by your lymphatic system.

The treatment works by directing light energy in specific wavelengths at your tattoo ink. As the ink absorbs the energy, it instantly fragments into smaller pieces. In the weeks following your treatment, your body starts to eliminate the shattered ink particles, making the tattoo lighten in appearance.

Most tattoos need between five and ten treatments to achieve complete removal. Customers need to wait a minimum of six weeks between treatments (eight weeks for darker skin tones) to allow the body to naturally flush away the ink and heal from the treatment.

In just a few treatments, you can erase your ink and give your skin a second chance. Tim and Ink Free features the area’s experts in tattoo removal and superior technology to remove your tattoo ink fewer sessions.