why the deposit?

I Require a $50 deposit at the start of your treatment schedule.

The deposit is my security that you will show up promptly to every appointment. All deposits must be made in cash. This deposit holds all your appointments. So on your last appointment you get all that money back. If you do not call or get ahold on me WITHIN 24 HOURS you forfeit your deposit and will need to put down a new deposit to book any further appointments to complete the removal. I also allow only 2 reschedules per appointment or you lose your deposit. I don’t like taking deposits, and you don’t want to lose that money so please be prepared to complete your removal or lightening when you start. If you make it to all your appointments on time by the completion of the tattoo, you will receive your deposit back on the last session.


What should I expect at my visit?

During your consultation, I will assess your tattoo and create a custom treatment plan based on the tattoo ink colors and your skin tone. I will provide a quote for treatment and answer any questions you have about the procedure. 

The treatment itself is very fast (usually less than 5 minutes to complete), and you will visibly see the reaction in your tattoo as the laser pulses over the ink. Afterwards, I will bandage the area and provide aftercare advice to help you achieve the best results.


Can you remove just a portion of my tattoo or prep it for a cover up?

Absolutely! The laser I will be using is very precise, so we can remove just a select area within a larger design. 

Also, if you are considering a cover up tattoo, laser tattoo removal can lighten your existing ink to give your tattoo artist more flexibility when crafting the new design.


I’ve heard that tattoo removal hurts – is that true?

Typically customers do describe the sensation as uncomfortable, but bearable, most say that it feels similar to when the tattoo was originally applied. Unlike most laser clinics, I provide the amazing cooling power of a Zimmer Cryo Chiller to help keep you comfortable during the procedure. Plus, the Duality and Eternity lasers are very fast, so the actual treatment time is very brief.


How many treatments will my tattoo need?

There are many factors that affect how quickly your tattoo can be removed. The location of the tattoo, the colors of the inks and the ink properties, the age of tattoo, your health, and more can impact amount of treatments required to lighten your tattoo. 

Typically tattoos need between five and ten treatments to be completely removed. Some tattoos that are older or homemade will lighten in fewer sessions. Although, tattoos that have been damaged or have scarring may require more treatments.

Treatments are typically scheduled a minimum of six weeks apart to allow your skin to heal between treatments.


Are there side effects?

As with any aesthetic treatment, there are always risks. Some customers may see a temporary lightening or darkening of the skin around the tattoo – this is normal and resolves over time. The advanced technology with the Eternity and Duality lasers are designed to minimize side effects and leave your skin looking natural and clear.


How much does tattoo removal cost?

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important for us to see your tattoo to give you a precise quote for treatment. When you request a consultation you may also provide an image, this way I can assess your treatment. Pricing is based on the size of the tattoo, and I make sure it isn’t cost-prohibitive for people, generally ranging from $100 to $200 per treatment. I provide the most affordable services in the Seacoast without sacrificing quality, courtesy, or efficiency. To learn more visit the pricing page.



Why should I choose Tim Gonsalves?

The decision to fade or remove a tattoo is a big one (and often a bit scary). Don't trust just anyone. Research online (facebook.com/nhtattooremoval)"Astanza Duality, Astanza Eternity" Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau), check reviews, and learn from others' mistakes. I am understanding, judgement free, compassionate, and will truly work with you to understand your unique tattoo removal needs. Ultimately, the experience and results I provide are unsurpassed.