post treatment/aftercare


Avoid heat and sun

  • Stay out of the sun
  • Do not over bandage
  • avoid hot tubs and sauna
  • take cool showers
  • Avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours

Keep it clean and unbothered

  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area
  • Keep area away from pets and small children
  • Do not use any astringent soaps or cleansers
  • Less is more!!!

Keep the treated area as dry as possible

  • Avoid soaking area in hot water
  • Take bandages off in 1-3 hours
  • If irritate or itchy use a small amount of hydrocortisone

Monitor and care for your blisters

  • If blisters becomes larger than a dime, pop it at the base with a sterile lancet
  • With a clean tissue press out any accumulated fluid until flat
  • Do not tear blister, be gentle & patient
  • Blisters may refill, re-pop with a lancet in the same area and drain
  • The blisters may refill more than twice



Article courtesy of the International Laser Academy

*Following these post treatment instructions will improves results and limit the possibility of experiencing any adverse reactions or unforeseen complications